We care and help with a positive impact.


Our positive efforts bring smiles to hundreds of faces.

We are a well-established company in the eCommerce sector. Apart from our work culture, we also indulge in social work. We care for needy people and help them with a positive impact. Webkul is a responsible company that cares for a positive impact on society.


We take several contributing steps to help the needful people.

Helping others should be a natural extension of every business leader’s responsibilities. And Webkul always follows the same. To help the needy people, we always take a proper step. Some of them are food donations, clothes donations, and donations of other necessary essential items to the people in need.

Clothes and food donations

It’s a fact that food and clothes are the most essential need for human survival.

So Webkul always takes a step ahead to help those peoples who can’t afford their clothes and food.

Every now and then, Webkul comes up with essential donation camps to help needy people.

In that camp, the Webkul peoples make the contribution with clothes that helps the needy people to protect them from stone-cold winters.

This attempts to alleviate their problems and decrease their suffering to some extent. Also, able to bring smiles to their faces.



Contributing donation camps

Webkul’s social responsibility comes in many forms. We impact social change by making a simple donation to a local food bank.

Also, our team steps forward to contribute to internal donation camps.

These donation camps help those needy people who are living their lives in the absence of basic amenities.

Webkul team is never behind in serving humanity and taking social responsibility.

There are several occasions when the Webkul team came forward to help the needy people.

Webkul Foundation

Besides our continuous effort and commitment to the community, Webkul Foundation is set up that dedicatedly works together with other organizations to reach out more and help people in need.

Joining hands with SETU Foundation for skill development program and empowering the youth to attain job-ready knowledge and create a livelihood. We follow the same belief of SETU that all human beings are equal and thus should have the right to equal opportunity.



Tree Plantation Drive

Webkul has a big contribution to the environment also. We have conducted a tree plantation drive that made an impact on the green environment journey.

In this tree plantation drive, we have planted several tree saplings as an initiative to increase the number of trees.

Webkul team collaborated with the Give Me Trees Trust foundation for the establishment of green belongings.

The purpose of this drive is to serve our future generation with a message to do something for the earth and the surroundings.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we did our bit.

A global pandemic has spread all across the globe that reports of new cases and deaths. In between this stress, things are getting worse for needy people.

Webkul team has contributed their part to PM Care Fund during the pandemic. Also, we have distributed food, mask, and other essentials during the COVID 19 pandemic in the slumdog areas.

We aim for a brighter tomorrow.

We believe in the fact that says if we start doing some good today, then we can enjoy a brighter tomorrow. And with this thought, we aim for a better tomorrow for everyone. We make every possible contribution with the hope of bringing a smile to every human being.

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