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Webkul offers headless commerce services built on React, Vue, and their frameworks like Gatsby.js, Next.js, Vue Storefront, Shopify Hydrogen, and Adobe Commerce PWA Studio.


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What is Headless Development?

Headless development means decoupling backend with frontend. That means the backend is used for API purposes and front development and site rendering run on modern frameworks like Reactjs.

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Easy Updates and Upgrades

All the e-commerce platforms are updating regularly because of new features and security updates.

But, there is a huge problem with the platform update: merchants are bound to update their websites as well. A headless solution is by far the best approach for this situation.

Also, every time whenever an upgrade is pushed there is a minimal amount of changes required in the e-commerce platform.


Microservices Approach

Modern e-commerce platforms and marketplaces are not dependent on a single source. They are connected via multiple platforms including.

  • PIM/MDM – for product data management.
  • ERP – for OMS (Order management system).
  • CRM – for cart abandonment and B2B commerce.
  • Chat – for faster B2B communication between supplier vendors.

And many more such services are used. Headless architecture gives the flexibility to connect the frontend and render all those APIs

Less Dependency and Easy to Build

Building a headless solution is a one-time investment that means no worries about the platform backend upgrade or update.

As headless platforms are API driven it gives flexibility to developers. No need to depend on monolith architecture.

Any frontend developer aware of React or Vue can easily update or modify the frontend headless e-commerce.


Search Engine Optimization

Most of these headless solutions including vue storefront or nextjs or gatsby.js all are ultrafast. Which gives a better performance for the users.

As react and vuejs both users modem concepts like server side rendering and virtual dom.

Not limited to that, headless ecommerce also boosts the google page experience score( core web vitals ) which is critical for search engine rankings.

Webkul offering as headless development company

Webkul is one of the largest multi-platform companies. We are working on all the popular e-commerce platforms from Shopify to WooCommerce & from Adobe Commerce to OpenCart.

Not limited to that we are also offering headless commerce development on a range of frontend frameworks.


Multiple eCommerce Platform Support

Webkul is one of the largest ecommerce contributors in the world. We are offering the same frontend services for all the e-commerce platforms that include.

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Multiple Headless Frameworks Support

Our headless e-commerce development is not limited to a single platform only. We offer headless development services on a range of frontend technologies that include.

Custom Headless Development

Not limited to standard e-commerce we also offer support for custom headless solutions as well. As we are the largest marketplace software developer in the world.


Headless Marketplace Development

Headless Commerce Development Life Cycle


Information Gathering & Analyzing Data


Planning & Wireframing


Prototyping and Designing Headless Theme


Sync APIs with Headless Theme


Headless Theme Implementation


Headless Theme Testing and Integration


We endeavored to re-platform our existing site and Webkul has been playing an integral part as far as transforming our basic Magento instance into an online marketplace. We’ve purchased well over a dozen extensions and worked with them on a number of customizations ranging from basic plugin modification to IT and DevOps setup, to highly complex and multi-phased custom plugin creation. The process is sometimes, touch and go and there are bugs/processes to be fleshed out here and there as you would expect, but overall we’re very happy with the service we’ve been getting and the quality of work.

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What is the best headless frontend framework for e-commerce?

React and Vuejs are modern javascript frameworks based on that nextJs, GatsbyJS and Vue Storefront are leading front-end frameworks. Also, the platform also provides its own frameworks like Shopify “Hydrogen” and Adobe Commerce ( Magento ) “PWA Studio”.

What are the advantages of headless e-commerce?

Due to the rapid frontend development and speed optimization headless is the best-suited approach that solves the website speed, upgrade, update, and microservices.

How much does it cost to build headless development?

The answer is it “depends ” but certainly in long term it will be cost-effective. The one-time cost for headless development will be higher as compared to standard monolith development.

How is headless commerce different from traditional e-commerce platforms?

The traditional e-commerce platforms have a monolith architecture and provide an all-in-one solution-based platform. While headless commerce works standalone, modifiable and follows an omnichannel approach.


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