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Webkul works for more than 13 years on API development. We try to build the next level of eCommerce plugins that make customers’ jobs easier.

Customer Success Stories


Working with global technology leader for building custom APIs for marketplace


Building tire comparator platform for European automotive professionals


We rebuild the LabX Marketplace platform into a headless website with custom APIs and multi-vendor marketplace modules.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices are small independent services and are loosely coupled. Each service is responsible for one business logic development.

If you are building an eCommerce system built on micro-services then it is possible that for API generation you are using PHP. But for notification and order generation you are using Node.js. Also for the search, you are using elastic.

It is not mandatory that the complete tech stack should be based on one server-side technology. Unlike the monolithic system where the code base and stack are the same for all business services.

API Development

Modern APIs development is based on two protocols:

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • REST (Representational State Transfer)

REST-based APIs are more popular nowadays. Which are supported by HTTP standards, which means it can be fetched and managed by URL and return JSON which is easy to render on any interface – web or mobile.

All of our native mobile applications and headless development use REST-based APIs. Also not limited to those who are using REST APIs in web/eCommerce development and PIM development as well.

GraphQL is another API query language nowadays which is getting popular very. GraphQL is useful for large applications and especially in headless development.

Role of API

API role is enormous no modern tech stack is possible without API. You can find various examples of APIs in every day, for example:

Payment Gateways-Icon

Payment Gateways

Integrate a payment gateway extension for receiving money from customers
Shipping Methods-Icon

Shipping Methods

Shipping integration extensions help managing customer order at the desk.
SMS Gateway-Icon

SMS Gateway

SMS gateway module allows sending short message service notification to customers on their mobile numbers.
Logistics API-Icon

Logistics API

Offers various services and that delivers the goods within the estimated delivery time committed to the customer
Multi-channel Integration-Icon

Multi-channel Integration

Connect multiple eCommerce or marketplace channels with a single online instance.
Services Integration-Icon

Services Integration

Various services integration like Google Map and many more.

API Development

API (Application Programming Interface) is the core of any modern infrastructure from the web to mobile, from ERP to CRM. APIs play a very major role.

API Development for web and mobile
API Infrastructure

API Infrastructure

API’s role is increasing day by day even modern web infrastructure is heading more toward headless architecture and microservices architecture.

Headless Architecture

Headless development is getting more popular day by day. In headless, the front-end development is built on a template engine or any JavaScript frameworks like Vuejs, ReactJS, and AngularJS.

The headless system is also useful for building PWA apps and multichannel apps. For example, if you are running your PWA Magento website and mobile apps, the same API is helpful for web frontend and native mobile app development.

Headless Architecture

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With the dedication and quality of services, Webkul has been providing to its customers over the span of 13 years, it has consistently secured its position among the top development companies in the API.


Multi-vendor solutions for Magento work very well. Customized API made on-demand very quickly. Thank you!

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Lucia Tudose

Senior OSS Specialist

How is the API built?

The Application Programming Interface or API is a set of guidelines, specifications or requirements that allow software or app to use another app, network or computer features for better services. In short, it’s something that allows apps to connect.

In eCommerce, what is an API?

An API, or application programming interface, is a communication mechanism by which various applications share data between them easily and seamlessly. Most software vendors include developer APIs, like eCommerce software providers, to make it easy for their applications to connect with other systems.

What are the benefits of API development for an eCommerce platform?

APIs help to connect multiple platforms. You can, for example, integrate your eCommerce website with the account of a shipping company and import your orders and shipment details. This way, on one platform, you can streamline your shipping operations. It works as an extendable platform that enhanced security, reusability, and scalability.

Why API for eCommerce is important?

For eCommerce, an API is the perfect distribution method. An eCommerce API is a fairly straightforward set of eCommerce features exposed through the API. This involves at the very least, cart, checkout, payments, and orders. Or in other terms, a way to shop on the eCommerce pages to break down the basic eCommerce features.

Why use eCommerce’s API?

Without having to know what is going on under the hood, APIs allow you to connect with the logic. This is perfect for eCommerce websites because you need to access a lot of logic, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to deal with the difficulty that all this logic supports.


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