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With our digital marketing services, we’ll help you build a great online presence which is a gateway for your customers wandering online. It’s about the right time, the right place to target the right customers.

Key point for success in Digital Marketing

There’s a huge spectrum of tactics and assets when it comes to digital marketing. While you are still budding, handling eCommerce store and marketing on the side could be a lot to take on. You might end up spilling it all and losing the business. We don’t want this for our customers so, we are here as your helping hand.


Valuable Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an important thing that will increase your brand value and also the popularity among the users.

Target Right Lead

Always prioritize your target audience as they will help you to outgrow your business.

Constant Improvement

To gain a massive success in the business, you must be lenient on doing the updates as per the market flow. 

Analyze Growth And Performance

Analyzing your business growth and performance will help you to eliminate the loopholes in your system.

Effective Content & Blogging

The content plays a vital role in your site performance. So be unique and informative while providing the same.

Omni-Channel Reach

You can increase your brand visibility among your target audience that will result in achieving higher ROI

How can Webkul help your business?

We work towards being a part of your success story by ensuring your brand visibility to the targeted audience. It’s not just SEO…it’s a lot more than that.

We shape business goals oriented campaigns uniquely tailored for your unique business needs. Reach-based brand awareness campaigns primarily focused on creating CTRs. Moreover, we’ll help you to target specific demographics validating ROI over Profits.

We identify your goals & built an attribution model which will include digital touchpoints appearing in the customer retention process. Further, this model will help you understand the ROI for individual marketing campaigns. Also, including A/B testing for lead validation.

Search Engine Marketing [SEM/PPC/Google Ads]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most productive ways to grow any business in this competitive market.

It is the best practice for marketing any business using paid advertisements. It will appear on SERPs. 

Place your unique selling proposition in front of audiences who are most likely to convert when they click on your ads.

SEM entails the use of pay per click (PPC) listings and advertisements. Thus, setting up PPC campaigns and activities is the way to get leads.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential driving factors when it comes to digital marketing. 

Putting simply, SEO is the fusion of relevant industry keywords and your business content. Hence, cycling you to the top of the search engine charts and continue holding you there.

SEO for any business leads to organic results, which includes the good quality of traffic along with the quantity of traffic. 

Good content and keyword always play a vital role in better search engine optimization results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective digital marketing strategies for sending emails to the target customers. Effective marketing emails help to convert prospects into permanent customers.

Stay top of your customer’s mind with email marketing campaigns drafted & designed as per your business requirements. 

Carefully curated email marketing strategies will help you directly market your services to the customers & rev up the revenue.

It is also a great communication channel between the business owner and the customers. Email marketing always helps to convert better.

Social Media Marketing [SMM]

Social media marketing (SMM) uses social media platforms to connect with customers. It helps to increase your brand awareness and drive website traffic which results in higher sales.

Regardless of what industry you are expertise in, your customers are definitely active on social media in their mundane life. They are online to know what you have to offer, you just need to give them what they want. 

The core components of social media marketing are Better Strategy, Planning and Publishing, Listening and Engagement, Analytics, Advertising.

Well planned & regular content updates/ads with constant engagement with the viewers are the keys to SMM.

Content Marketing

A content-centric approach is essential to rank in relevant SERPs & build impressive backlinks. But writing just for sake of writing will not do any good. Content should provide value to your reader and capture enough attention to turn them into potential customers.

A well strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing relevant and valuable content among the customers.

It helps to attract and retain the target customers.

Content Marketing focuses on building a strong relationship between your business and the target audience. It helps to provides them the high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis.


You are in good company, we are top certified Website developers

Webkul is having successful ten years of experience in the eCommerce industry. 

Webkul builds top-notch extensions for various open-source eCommerce platforms and having a large number of the satisfied customer base.

As we are having expertise in the eCommerce industry, so we can understand your website very well and can provide you the best possible solution. 

So what are you waiting for! Let’s come together to discover, design & develop the digital experience with us.

It will help your brand or company to grow with Innovative, Technology, and Strategical solution.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing amalgamates the process of marketing efforts with digital technologies or the internet to promote your products or services. It all boils down to the simple motive of winning leads.

What is a lead?

A person who has shown interest in your products or services via any medium. A lead is a potential customer also referred to as a prospect.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term for all these tactics: Search Engin Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Online PR, Sponsored Content, and a lot more.

Why do you need a Digital Marketing Firm for your business?

Hiring a digital marketing service provider can help you focus more on your business. You simply have to share your business goals and time-frame to achieve the results.

Moreover, the digital world keeps on changing. In this situation, your service providers can help you with providing clear insights and new perspectives to achieve the goals.

Does digital marketing work for all kinds of businesses?

Regardless of what product or service you are selling or even the industry you are working in, you need customers. Where there are customers, you need marketing.

What is to be noted that, not every business needs the same kind of marketing strategies.


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