OpenCart Development Services

Webkul, an “Official OpenCart GitHub Contributor” and “OpenCart Gold Partner“, is a full-stack OpenCart development company. We offer all kinds of OpenCart development services including customization, payment and shipping integrations, marketplaces development, and dropship solutions.


Customer Success Story


The first dental online marketplace that sells dental supplies and services in Saudi Arabia.


Building Dondolo Uganda eCommerce Marketplace for Web, Mobile, and POS


Bulgarian Marketplace for Garden Machinery, Equipment, and Tools

Working with Core team of OpenCart

As being the gold partners, the OpenCart team provided us a wonderful opportunity to help their team in the new release of OpenCart version

Our team worked hard to work with the core team of OpenCart and we also got appreciation from Daniel Kerr regarding the same on GitHub. We are seeking forward to helping and working with the OpenCart team in mere future as well.

Suitable & Manageable OpenCart Development

Webkul’s OpenCart services is solving all kinds of OpenCart solution for the overall sector, for example, SME, large as well as corporate enterprise services. Our OpenCart solutions fulfill the requirement of the customers.

We have released more than 200 modules in the marketplace, with some of the best in the world like the multi-vendor marketplace, native mobile app, Dropship module, Point of Sale system, eBay, Amazon connector, etc.

Webkul serve OpenCart template design, product management, payment gateway integration, additional or removal of products, doorstep integration, installation, OpenCart coding or anything related to this eCommerce platform. We solve every OpenCart problem in a better and simple way. In below video, the founder of OpenCart saying about one of the popular products – “Multi-Vendor Marketplace is a good feature. It’s very good for creating MLM schemes with sellers under you, which sells the products for you. Simply a great idea.”

Why should you choose OpenCart for your online store development?

OpenCart development is highly suitable for small and medium scale eCommerce, As it is written on PHP and jQuery with Bootstrap as CSS framework. It is easy to customize. The MVC system of the OpenCart platform is easy to understand and scale.

OpenCart is a complete shopping cart platform and widely popular and used by thousands of website worldwide.


OpenSource Platform

OpenCart is an open-source platform, so devise your store as you aspire.

Agile CMS

Lightweight platform can be hosted on a shared and VPS server. Add products and you’re ready to start accepting orders.

Manage Multiple Storefronts

Supports a variety of payment methods, services, and gateways as per your business requirements.

MVC-L architecture

The Model-View-Controller-Language framework is a popular software architectural pattern that is extended in OpenCart by including a language entity.

Huge Community Support

OpenCart have a large community consisting of thousands of fans and developers.

Leverage ready to use extensions

Thousands of readymade modules are available in the plugin marketplace.

Broad Product Option

OpenCart provides an unlimited number of categories, subcategories to add for an unlimited number of products.

Multiple Payment Methods

Supports a variety of payment methods, services, and gateways as per your business requirements.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Integrate separate shipping method as per your convenience.

Webkul is a very well known OpenCart development company.

Webkul is an official partner of OpenCart and large developers teams are available to help you install, maintain or upgrade your OpenCart store. We serve multiple services like building customizable extensions, and interactive design for optimal mobile and tablet. We integrating 3rd party payment gateway and maintenance.

A well-known solution provider in the OpenCart community with more than “13 years of experience” in building products in OpenCart. Webkul offers all kinds of OpenCart eCommerce services including:

OpenCart Mobile App Development

Webkul develops mobile apps that combine great design, top-notch technology, and an understanding of business values.

We work in all ways to make sure that every mobile solution we deliver meets your expectations.

Working with us you’ll experience the ease of working with smart, experienced, remote teams.

We formate your website into an application that facilitates simple navigation i.e. click and go.

We’ll optimize your website for both Android and iOS devices.

OpenCart App Development
Custom OpenCart Development

Custom OpenCart Development

With growing time and technology trends, we do understand that your business also requires changes. Because keeping a static store is just not enough.

Also, in this growing era of digitalization, everybody is seeking an easy process. That’s the customers are expecting and demanding more from an online eCommerce store.

We offer various diversity of customizations. All are designed in a way to meet the mindset and expectations of our clients.

The result will deliver the best shopping experience for your customer. It happens by fulfilling the need and expectations of the customers.

OpenCart Marketplace Development

If you are planning to set up an eCommerce marketplace, then OpenCart is the right choice for you.

OpenCart is highly suitable for small and medium scale eCommerce businesses.

We assure you to render your assistance and develop an exquisite online marketplace as you like.

Adding marketplace management with your current existing OpenCart store can jump right to start your online marketplace.

OpenCart Marketplace Development
OpenCart Theme Development

OpenCart Theme

Choosing an appropriate theme for your OpenCart website is extremely acute. The reason being, customers nowadays are fond of appealing online stores.

OpenCart is well known as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It is a great option to get started with a functional and effective eCommerce site.

By the default setting, OpenCart has a pre-installed template from its first installation. The theme also serves as an option to create custom OpenCart templates.

An MVC-L design pattern is used to built using OpenCart.

It essential to develop themes for the store that are optimized. Optimization is in terms of Mobile SEO and speed optimization.

OpenCart Migration Services

Migrations are painful and hard also there are many factors including SEO, Page Speed, and UX which are critical during migrations. 

Webkul offers complete OpenCart migration services as well as migration from other eCommerce platforms-

  • WooCommerce to OpenCart migration
  • PrestaShop to OpenCart migration
  • Shopify to OpenCart migration
  • Magento to OpenCart migration
  • Cs-Cart to OpenCart migration
OpenCart Migration Services
OpenCart Headless PWA Development

OpenCart Headless PWA Development

Do you want to have a mobile application for your website without spending much?
Then you can opt for and PWA solution for your existing website.

In a gadget-driven era, we as business entrepreneurs seek to provide a better app experience to our customers and the idea of integrating Headless PWA technology comes into play therein.

eCommerce has seen the upsurge in the Headless PWA, as it instigates the web compatibilities to give a native-app like experience to our customers.

This technology abides with the decoupled architecture where a web API delivers and manages the contents.

OpenCart API Development

OpenCart does provide some basic APIs that can be used by anyone. For using the same one be using the OpenCart’s token.

The API development is completely based on this protocol REST. It allows third-party systems to interact with your OpenCart store seamlessly.

This is very helpful to use a store’s functionality from different devices irrespective of technology.

It is also very useful if you want to manage the data on your website remotely from any other customized panel. It helps to decrease the overall repetitive workload.

OpenCart API Development
OpenCart B2B Development

OpenCart B2B Development

B2B helps suppliers from all over the world to connect through one online platform to communicate and sell their products across the world.

We’ve left the period costume of the brick-mortar stores behind and thrived on with B2B Commerce.

The main reason behind it is the need for the hour as a business owner is trying to connect with the competitive edge in the eCommerce industry. That too in terms of sales and revenue. So switching your business to B2B is the best solution.

Additionally, if we are talking of B2B, then mostly two main players come into the picture the buyer and the supplier. It opens up a platform where all the buyer and supplier comes from all around the globe and carry forward the business transactions.

OpenCart Headless Development

Webkul provides the Headless development service for Opencart. Opencart headless will develop a single content repository for multiple storefronts.

Webkul is an Official partner of Opencart end-to-end development and OpenCart is React js based frontend.


Hire OpenCart Developers

Webkul has an experienced team of OpenCart developers available to work on your projects. Dedicated OpenCart developers can help you to build, maintain, and optimise your OpenCart online store. Our developers can make changes to the OpenCart source code to build custom solutions.

As an OpenCart Gold Partner, our team is committed to providing top-quality development services to our clients. We’ve built a dedicated team of full-stack OpenCart developers who have obtained years of experience working with e-commerce projects and the latest web technologies.

  • OpenCart Gold Partner
  • OpenCart Code Contributor
  • OpenCart Event Organiser
  • 300+ Ready to Deploy Solutions

You can hire multiple OpenCart resources based on your project demand. Our OpenCart professionals will be fully committed to your project work only. You can hire OpenCart developers on an hourly basis or discuss with our business team for a quotation.

You are in good company, we are top certified OpenCart developers

Webkul is an official partner of OpenCart and very well known in the OpenCart community. We are also an official contributor to the OpenCart source code. Many of our Github Pull requests have been accepted by OpenCart.

Along with code contribution, we are constantly sharing the knowledge by development tutorials and blogs and organizing meetups


Webkul team is responsive and helpful to assist in solving the problems I encountered on my ecommerce platform. Appreciate their assistance.

Reviewed byjason
Jason Tan

CEO & Founder

ipharmerci (TranzGO Pte Ltd)


Can you guys turn my OpenCart website into an amazing marketplace?

Yes certainly. The contemporary eCommerce trends are focused on marketplaces. Webkul has broad experience creating multi-vendor online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and others. We offer a wide array of services in addition to their marketplaces. These include product listings, a shopping cart, a website search, payments, shipping, notifications, support chat, and more. We can fabricate an OpenCart marketplace website that brings conversions.
We assure you to render, develop and add exquisite online marketplace management with your current existing OpenCart so that your store can jump right to start your online marketplace.

Are you in the custom plugin development?

Yes, Webkul creates custom plugins to add extra functionality to your default OpenCart online store over and above the default OpenCart features. We develop every custom plugin from a booking calendar or hyperlocal or POS or RMA to a full-featured online marketplace — you can add them all to your website with various plugins. Multiple ready-made modules are available in our OpenCart plugin marketplace. We also customize the existing plugins and develop new custom plugins as per your requirements.

Are you into OpenCart mobile app development?

Yes, Webkul develops OpenCart mobile apps that combine great design, top-notch technology, and an understanding of business values.
Now more than ever applications have become essential for your business. We can customize them or can create a new one in any way you want. Our solution work in all ways to make sure that every mobile solution we deliver meets your expectations. We format your website into an application that facilitates simple navigation i.e. click and go.
We’ll optimize your website to provide you with fully native customized Android and iOS Apps for OpenCart Store

Do you provide integration services?

Yes, we do provide integration services like Amazon Connector, eBay Connector, Shipping, Payment integration, etc with the OpenCart platform.

Do you provide a migration service to the OpenCart platform?

Yes, we do provide migration services to migrate your website on the OpenCart platform from any other platform.

How to choose an OpenCart development company?

OpenCart development is complex that’s why choosing a certified OpenCart development company is vital. Hiring certified OpenCart developers with complete agile development methodology is key to OpenCart project success.

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