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Icecat is a global syndicator of eCommerce product content. Icecat has a very rich product taxonomy and classification, as well as a massive database of product details.

What is Icecat Development?

The Icecat is simple to use, multilingual and will make product managers’ lives much easier.

Editors can create a product, update rich media content, and automatically send a brand’s content to all of its channel partners from a single platform.

Here are some features of using Icecat.



Any character set and language can be supported. Icecat itself supports over 50 commonly used languages.

Rich Content Information

Professional multilingual content data with rich specifications and additional multimedia elements that are fully standardized.

Expert Search & Compare & Filter

The fully standardized features and feature values enable consumers to conduct a more refined search, accurate filtering, and side-by-side product comparison.
Product Information Management

Rich Product Information

Product identifiers, detailed specifications, images, multimedia, digital documents, multilingual marketing texts, searchable attributes, and related products are all available.

Seamless Integration

In XML or URL formats, it is simple to integrate into your ERP or webshop.

Looking for the Best New Business Solution?

Icecat is a PCM (Product Content Management) solution for businesses that are open source. As e-commerce expands, updating product content is becoming a necessary element of the process.

In an ever-changing e-commerce market, product content management is becoming increasingly difficult.

Content for online stores and high-quality product pictures are critical to the success of any eCommerce firm.

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Content Integrations for Your Platform

Importing your product content into your e-commerce platform does not require any coding.

Webkul offers a plethora of free plugins to assist you in ingesting the content into your preferred e-commerce platform or marketplace.

Any brand, retailer, or e-commerce partner can access product content via the Icecat. The Icecat catalog includes product content from all categories, allowing shoppers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions.

Icecat PIM Integration

The Icecat connector allows you to enrich PIM product data with the extensive Icecat catalog. It is compatible with both the open Icecat free catalog and the full Icecat paid catalog.

Enrich Product – The product can be imported into PIM from the Icecat.

Mapping of Locales – You can also use PIM tools to map the Icecat locale.

Attribute Import – The product attribute can be imported. You can import attributes such as the EAN, Description, Short Description, and Pictures attributes.

Icecat eCommerce Integration

Icecat allows you to import information about your products from the Icecat catalog to the eCommerce channels.

Icecat has a large number of integration partners who make it simple for clients and users to use the Icecat Catalog Interfaces, which are typically the XML, JSON, or CSV download methods such as Shopify, Pimcore, Opencart, and Prestashop.

Icecat Marketplace Integration

Icecat allows you to import product information from the Icecat catalog to the Marketplace.

Icecat created millions of product data sheets in every language on the planet.

Icecat examines the performance of tens of thousands of brands.

Icecat Connectors Development

Icecat automates data enrichment and localization for a variety of e-commerce platforms. As a result, online retailers can easily update catalog data across multiple channels.

Using the Icecat Akeneo Connector, you can import and export complete product data between Icecat and online shopping carts.

Using Icecat Connectors, you can export and publish your content to Joomla and WordPress websites.

You can use a rich text editor to edit content, add images, change font styles, and export product content as articles or blog posts.


I really appreciated their great service. Our company uses Webkul’s Opencart Odoo Bridge to connect multiple Opencart sites to Odoo 15. We encountered a lot of problems. Webkul works patiently and fast to solve all issues.

I highly recommend their services.

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