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At Webkul, we are offering open-source CRM as well as cloud-based CRM and CRM apps for every business.

CRM Development

CRM development automates business processes

Customer relationship management or CRM tools are an integral part of any sales team. Industries from startups to Fortune 500 companies are using CRM tools every day. CRM development automates business processes that help you organize leads, takes your customer service to the next level, provide complete transparency and easy to analyse your business growth.

We have extensive experience in the integration, implementation and custom CRM development for small, medium and large enterprises. Our highly customizable and feature rich CRM software are developed on leading platforms including Salesforce, Odoo, OroCRM and more.

Customer Relationship-icon

Customer Relationship

CRM helps to manage better and engaging customer relationships for online store owners.
Accelerate productivity-icon

Accelerate Productivity

Regular update customers with new feature and deals will increase your sale conversions.
Scale Business-icon

Scale Business

CRM should be enough capable to scale business at any time when we need.
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Efficient Team Management

Automatically assign issues to the team member by filtering the access level.
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Make Insightful Decisions

CRM provides valuable insight to track customer activities and serve the best service according to activities.
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Highly Secure

CRM should keep a hawk-eye on customer’s data. Like account, transaction and many more personal details.
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Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM software suite does not need any introduction. They are the market leaders by multiple folds to any of their peers.

Webkul is proud to be Salesforce ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner. We offer full Salesforce setup and custom integrations.

We have a very solid Salesforce team and have been recognized both by the core Salesforce team as well as Salesforce community.

Salesforce CRM development
Odoo CRM development

Odoo CRM

Odoo is an open-source Python based business suite and very popular in the ERP domain. It offers a fully functional open-source system for CRM development.

Odoo CRM is open-source and free to use and easy to customize customer relationship management software.

Odoo CRM offers standard CRM features like:
•Leads Management

Webkul is a registered author at Odoo App market and built a growing list of around 400+ apps for Odoo platform.

Krayin CRM

Krayin is a free and open-source Laravel CRM solution is designed to minimize the pain points of SMEs and Enterprises with regards to Clients, Employees, and Finances.

Laravel CRM brilliantly crafted tools to improve your leads and client management with the help of step by step filtering mechanism in order to drive sales growth.

We are offering the functionality of Lead Management, Activities Management, ACL system, Kanban View, Workflow Automation, Sales pipeline, Google Integration, and much more.

CRM Built-into eCommerce

CRM Built-into eCommerce

For online store owners, who are not looking for any third party CRM software integrations and want to manage customer data within your platform.

You can opt for our specialized CRM solutions that are built into the eCommerce frameworks. Enabling online store owners to manage leads, track opportunities, create users, and manage customer interactions from the back office.

This comes with several advantages as well:
Reduced costs, no monthly or yearly subscription plans.
•Complete open-source to customize as per your business needs
•No software updates, downtime or server maintenance
•Have more control over your data, than 3rd party vendors
•More user friendly and less complex interface

Magento 2 CRM

Magento Commerce is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that gives you all the features to manage your online store needs, but this open-source platform still demands a CRM tool. Know more about what we offer for Magento.

Now, the store owners will be able to manage leads, sources, create users to manage quotations, and auto-generate leads from wishlist, abandoned cart, contact form.

Magento 2 CRM
OpenCart CRM

OpenCart CRM

OpenCart is a popular online store management system, it is freely available, less complex, and offers many third-party extensions and integrations. Find out what we offer for OpenCart development.

By OpenCart CRM extension, merchants can create user roles, assign them permissions, manage lead tasks, track customer activities, and call logs.

WooCommerce CRM

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, one of the most popular CMS right now. But, its eCommerce plugin is light, simple, and designed for small scale merchants. Know about what we offer for WooCommerce.

With WooCommerce CRM plugin, the online store owners can manage contacts, leads, sources, add quotations, accounts, and analyze graphical charts. 

WooCommerce CRM
Custom CRM Development

Custom CRM Development

As every business is different from another, one CRM for all businesses does not suit at all. For this reason, we are also offering custom CRM development solutions as well.

We are having a very solid track record in building very complex and highly scalable business applications like Helpdesk Softwares and SaaS based apps.

You are in good company, we are top certified developers.

Webkul is known for having a large number of satisfied customer base.

With the dedication and quality of services, Webkul has been providing to its customers over the span of 13+ years, it has consistently secured its position among the top CRM development companies in the CRM stores.

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Our experience with Webkul was fantastic. Sumit has been one of the most knowledgeable and responsive sales/support staff that I have ever come across. Every question that we had was answered quickly, and their team never rushed us and was willing to take the time to explain things clearly.

Really appreciate the support and highly recommend this product and team. If you are wavering on a decision please stop and move forward – you will not regret the decision!

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Nathan Wood

Director of Sales

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Why does eCommerce websites need CRM integration?

Every eCommerce website needs CRM integration for several purposes like:
•Organize and simplify business growth
•Resolve the challenges of customer support teams
•Robust workflows to save time
•Helps to automate routine tasks
•Report analyzing the business process
•Optimize conversion probability
•Extensive customer data
•Easy data access anywhere
An eCommerce website needs a CRM system to manage, and maintain customer data and requirements for business use. And for efficient customer support and returns handling. Also, CRM provides relevance in the time of data overload.

What are the benefits I will get with a custom CRM system?

Integrating eCommerce and CRM applications reduces lost sales and helps in attaining a loyal customer base. It comes with numerous benefits:
•Prevents lost sales follow-up on the abandoned cart.
•Efficient customer support
•Customer loyalty management
•Instant promotions
•Personalized campaign

How does CRM help my business to grow?

CRM helps to find the right customers and build more suitable business relationships. CRM system provides you with numerous ways to grow your business:
•Segment your customers into groups as needed
•Identifying clients’ need to get converted for sales
•Get in-depth insights into the customer-associated segments of your company
•To integrate the CRM with your web stores and access it on your mobiles devices as well
•Helps the sales reps to drive better results
•Coordinate data flow between the CRM and your eCommerce web-store

What are the benefits your CRM offers?

Our CRM offers to build better customer relationship management. Also, works as an aggregator to streamline the business flow. It provides total control over prospects and leads to turn them into business opportunities.
•Quick customer information management
•Staff management
•Customized product purchase
•Activity tracing
•Generate demand
•Automated lead generation from sections like wishlist, abandon cart, and a contact form.
•Customer data managed in one place.
•Users can take in regular follow-up to convert the sales.
•Strong relationship building


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