AMP and PWA are designed to deliver a better user experience across portable devices with a fast performance which even works on slow connections with ease. 

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What is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps are the future of the mobile experience. “A Progressive Web App uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience.” – says the PWA Team. PWA is capable of utilizing native device APIs to deliver a seamless experience to mobile users.

PWA feels like a natural app on the device which lets users access app with the maximum native usability. PWA is really fast and reliable. PWA has the ability to work on slow internet connections or even when the device is offline.

PWA doesn’t require any installations and has the high-end ability to work inside the browser. If a user explicitly wants PWA, it can be added as a hotlink to the device’s Home Screen without any heavy downloads.

PWA is cost-friendly, as the same version of the app works across different devices.


Added to HomeScreen

Admin has to enter the name of the Application, that will be displayed on the home screen.

Lightweight App Bundle

The Progressive Web Application is lightning fast compared to the website. Due to the faster performance, user engagement increases on the website.
Native App-Icon

Native App like Experience

PWA always feels like end user is using a native application.
Works Offline-Icon

Works Offline with an Ease

PWA would also respond even if you are disconnected from the internet connection.
Auto Update-Icon

Always Updated and Fresh

Some traditional app requires a manual update, PWA doesn’t have this problem.
Improves User Experience-Icon

Improves the User Experience

PWA creates an easy shopping experience for your customers anywhere.

What is AMP?

Accelerated mobile pages are built to deliver the web pages at a faster pace and improve performance. AMP pages are a lower-down version of a web page with an eye on performance and speed. AMP is up to 4X faster as compared to the generic version of the same page.


AMP works with ease with slow internet connections and lets users experience the web in low-range internet areas. AMP has been built on top of modern performance paradigms like Prerendering, Precalculation, Asynchronous Loading, and Caching.

Webkul offers AMP services to clients in the USA and the rest of the world. We undertake a range of AMP HTML development and CMS-based AMP projects like Magento & Magento 2 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), CS-Cart, OpenCart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Odoo, and   Joomla  Accelerated mobile pages that are singularly customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

Deliver High Performance

4x Faster

AMP page are upto 4x Faster on Mobile Devices.
Increased conversion rate on e-commerce sites-Icon

Improved SEO

Increased conversion rate on e-commerce sites.
Ideal for Slow Internet-Icon

Ideal for Slow Internet

AMP works with ease with slow internet connections.

Why AMP or PWA?

Both AMP and PWA are designed to deliver a better user experience across portable devices with a fast performance which even works on slow connections with ease. Mobile-Friendly Pages have a better ranking as per Google’s new search index algorithms.

That sounds quite obvious now, why every other product should have an AMP or PWA or integrated AMP and PWA Version.

Webkul has significant ready-to-use products which create AMP or PWA versions of your eCommerce Store in no time.

AMP Plugin for eCommerce Frameworks

PWA Plugin for eCommerce Frameworks


It works now, very happy, Webkul is always willing to help wherever they need to, and their customer service is out of this world.

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Is it required to publish PWA on Play/App Store?

Your customer can add it to your home screen from the browser only in just a single tap. So, there is no need to publish the PWA on the Play Store or App Store. 

How often is it required to update PWA?

There is no such thing to update PWA as it’s not a native application. The changes you made at the website end will be visible at the PWA end.

Is using AMP on my website helpful in a great user conversion rate?

Accelerated mobile pages are really helpful to deliver the web pages to the customer at a faster pace. As the pages load faster the user engagement increases that result, reduced bounce rate and improving website ranking.

Are my AMP-enabled pages load faster than other pages?

AMP is a Google technology that restricts HTML/CSS and JavaScript to speed up the rendering process and makes web pages load faster. AMP-enabled pages load faster than other web pages to create better engagement that reduces bounce rate and attracts users to generate higher traffic. 

Is PWA a better option to choose for my business?

Definitely, PWA is an advanced form of responsive web app which help you to deliver your user with a native app-like experience on the mobile web. No stress of publishing it or updating it regularly as there are no frequent updates with PWA and usually, it is only when the websites are getting updated. So having it for your business would be the best advice only.


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