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Symfony is an open-source PHP framework for building complex business applications for the web and mobile.

Customer Success Stories


Webkul augmented an Akeneo developer for a barcode solutions provider.


Poapaball is a Newcastle-based company that specializes in fruity boba for use in cocktails, prosecco, and cold drinks. 


Han’s is a flourishing homegrown company that is engaged in consistently providing customers with an excellent dining experience by offering quality food and beverages.

Transform Your Idea Into a Reality with Symfony

Symfony framework is a set of PHP components that can be used by other frameworks as well. Almost every PHP framework is following the Symfony standard of PHP development.

Symfony is very well suited for complicated and enterprise business applications. That’s why almost every small or big CMS or Commerce platform like Magento or CRM/PIM platforms are using Symfony components.

Things that make Symfony popular

As at today, 82.8% of all websites in the world are created with PHP programming language. Among CodeIgniter and Laravel, Symfony ranked third let’s see the Symfony work.

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Time Saver

Symfony is the fastest PHP framework that helps to speed up and simplifies the development process.
Robust Architecture

Robust Architecture

Symfony follows the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture to build fast and complex web applications.
Offer Improved Security

Offer Improved Security

Symfony is well famous and extensively used among all web developers because of its stability, code security, flexibility, and utility modules.
High Scalability

High Scalability

The MVC architecture ensures high performance of the project and helps to build scalable enterprise applications
Commercially Supported

Commercially Supported

Symfony is one of the few frameworks that are supported commercially and developed by SensioLabs.
Highly Documentation

Highly Documentation

Symfony is good for the comprehensive documentation that helps users to develop a web application on it without trouble.

How is Webkul contributing in Symfony?

Webkul is known for having a community-oriented mindset and has been working on all major open-source PHP-based e-commerce frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, and so on.

We build tools and plugins for e-commerce frameworks as well. Webkul works on Symfony under Multiple service categories:

CRM Development

Customer relationship management is vital to manage your customer relationship better. It helps to manage customers, leads, data, etc. in one single place.

We offer a wide range of Open source as well as SaaS-based CRM solutions to serve your unique business goals.

Apart from that, we do provide custom services and integration for well-known Symfony-based CRM software i.e Oro CRM.

Oro CRM is an open-source CRM software that is built on Oro BAP (Business Application Platform).

SAAS application development

Software as a service(SAAS) follows a subscription-based model that allows users to choose a subscription plan and pay monthly or yearly.

We develop and help you to build an efficient and reliable solution to perfect your enterprise needs.

Our best expertise Symfony team help to design and develop a custom SaaS platform that is scalable and secure.

We work with multiple Symfony SaaS products i.e UVdesk Helpdesk, eComvisor and booking commerce, etc.

Headless Web and Commerce development

Having experience of more than 13+ years in the eCommerce industry we completely understand the effort behind giving immense flexibility to the online store.

With the headless decoupled approach of web development, you can give a more flexible and immersive shopping experience to the end-users.

Leverage the headless architecture to change the front-end without worrying about altering the back-end logic, making it possible to push swift updates to the website.

PIM Development

Organize and improve product quality with a powerful intuitive PIM solution on a large scale for B2B or B2C business.

We also offer a range of services like development, integration, implementation, and support for the Akeneo platform that is built on the Symfony stack.

We are the largest supplier of Akeneo extensions in the world and offer a range of services. We have a dedicated Akeneo team who helps to build robust PIM solutions.

Mobile apps and PWA apps development

Boost the sale and enhance the excellent shopping experience by giving the best comfort to the customer with top-notch mobile app development services.

Whether for small-scale businesses or enterprise businesses, a mobile application is essential and can swiftly fuel the growth of a business.

We give the service for Android and iOS app development, UI and UX consulting, PWA app development, Cross-platform app development, and many more.

We have worked across different verticals and industries

We are working very hard to deliver you the best result by keeping your convenience in our minds. With is you can find the solution of ant vertical and industries as per your requirement.

Also, we do provide the customization service, so you will get the application to develop as per your business need.


Fashion & Apparel



Real Estate

Real Estate













You are in good company, we are top certified Website developers

Webkul is having more than 13 years of experience in development. We have built 4 Symfony products like Booking Commerce, UVdesk Helpdesk, Akeneo Connectors, OroCommerce Connectors and Comverse wallet system and got features in Symfony.

Our Symfony services cover all the categories and service offerings and our team of developers creates web applications that provide everything you require to run your successful business.

Webkul focuses not only on code contribution but also always tries to put efforts together to share the knowledge by organizing meetups across Indian communities. We have organized several meetups on different platforms along with the Symfony framework.


Webkul has already brought much better velocity and better knowledge than the client’s previous vendors. They are responsive and adaptive to the client’s tools, as well. Moreover, they have commendable experience and responsiveness.

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