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Akeneo as a leader in open-source Product Expertise Management offers a great, adjustable, adaptable Product Information Management solution. As an Official Akeneo Partner, Webkul delivers a wide range of Akeneo development services to make the most out of this leading PIM system.

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Exporting wide variety of collection and descriptive information for Shopify products.

BMN Bouwmaterialen-image

Offers a Wide Range of Materials and Services for Professional Builders.

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A Retail Store provide gear to outfit your vehicles and homes for adventure.

Looking for the right solution for commerce business?

Akeneo is an open-source enterprise PIM (Product Information Management) system. As e-commerce is growing day by day, updating product information is becoming an integral part of the shops.

Product information management is getting complicated every day in this continually evolving e-commerce industry.

Online store content and high-quality product images play a very major role in any e-commerce business success.

Akeneo PIM

Akeneo is a PHP-based PIM platform and built on ORO BAP (Business Application Platform) and Symfony stack. It means Akeneo have an excellent and very massive community of developers.

Role of Akeneo PIM

Akeneo is super useful especially for retailers working on multiple channels and have a large amount of SKUs. Also, it helps if you are selling internationally in various languages.

Shops like online furniture stores or fashion retail, where a vast amount of content and images are required with a large number of product attributes and specifications are needed. Akeneo is a perfect fit for it.

Here are some further benefits of using Akeneo

Master Data Management

Resource Management

Central product data management over various channels

Data Exchange

Efficient product import and export both online and offline.

Omni Channel

Distribute product data distribution to various Channels
Customer Data Platform

Product Data Versioning

These factors highlight the importance of versioning data with a versioning pointer and history available.
Product Information Management

Product Information

Better quality Product Information Validation
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process of managing the asset information among the various systems from a single source.
flexible api

Robust API

Creating a connector to distribute PIM products to different channels via your syndication solution.
Icons-Rules Engine

Rules Engine

Better quality Product Information Validation
Icon-Advanced Rights Management

Advanced Rights Management

Create users and define their licenses for each type of action when managing product information.

How Can Webkul Help?

Webkul is an Official Akeneo Community Partner and the largest supplier of Akeneo extensions in the Akeneo Marketplace. More than 100 retailers are using our Akeneo PIM products and services.

We are the most popular akeneo development company in the world. Webkul offers a range of Akeneo Development services for Akeneo PIM

Akeneo Installation and Setup Services

We do provide the Akeneo installation and setup services on the Google Cloud and AWS servers.

It helps to raise effectiveness by allowing a reliable and simple portal from which you can maintain constant, high-quality, and accurate Product data and simplify product management processes.

Akeneo server setup can be used for better Performance, Optimization with Super Powerful Tools, Improved and Fast Performance for System.

We provide the SSH, SFTP, LAMP, PhpMyAdmin, SMTP Mail Integration, and  DNS Mapping setup for the Akeneo installation and server setup.

We have implemented tons of business research and domain expertise in our modules.

Akeneo installation and setup
Custom Akeneo Development

Custom Akeneo Development and Customization

Webkul provides the World’s largest number of Akeneo Custom Development and Customization.

We know also understand that with time and constant developments in technology trends, it is just not sufficient to keep the online stores static.

Akeneo PIM provides a robust set of enterprise-level features and abilities that help you and your partners like eCommerce industries achieve the compelling customer experiences modern customers expect and demand.

At Webkul, we offer a wide range of customizations meeting the mindsets and expectations of our clients.

Akeneo Connectors Development

Akeneo streamlines the data enrichment and localization process for various e-commerce platforms. Thus allowing online merchants to easily update catalog data across multiple channels.

Import and export complete product data between Akeneo and online shopping carts using Webkul Akeneo Connectors.

Export and publish your content on Joomla and WordPress websites through Akeneo CMS Connectors.

You can edit content using a rich text editor, add images, customize font styles and export Akeneo products as articles or blog posts.

Akeneo connectors
DAM development

DAM Development

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process of securing the asset information among the various systems from a single source.

DAM used to keep the Branding Materials (images, pdf, doc, Xls) by stocking a large amount of digital content. It facilitates the security, organization, distribution, and searchability of assets. 

The DAM is a system that stores and secures asset information. DAM helps to develop the asset information for the various channels like eCommerce, ERP, and POS systems.

Akeneo DAM Integration can centrally maintain all your media files using the DAM solution in the Akeneo PIM platform.

The system can store a large number of assets and is manageable from the various channels using the Rest API. 

Akeneo PIM API Development

Maximize the company revenue of your consumers by building a connector to distribute PIM products to various channels via your syndication solution.

We even use REST APIs for web, PIM, and E-Commerce development as well. We do provide the APIs of our plugin so that you can integrate it with your eCommerce and ERP systems. 

The API development process totally depends on the requirements. The API development is simply based on these protocols- REST.

We provide stateless and Robust API development that supports JSON and XML. We also provide documentation and Error Messages (a clear list of possible error messages). 

Akeneo PIM API development
Print catalogue and web to print solution

Print Catalogue and Web to Print Solution

Web to Print software is great for print on request or any company or personal printing needs including business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, and more.

Industry-leading web to print storefront solution for printing managers looking to experiment in the eCommerce industry

This innovative solution gives your customers the ability to upload or design their products online, approve, and pay.

Web To Print Software to sustain your increase and streamline your enterprise, with the tools to supercharge every step

Why customer should choose our services?

We are one of the largest Akeneo solution providers in the world. We have covered more than 1/3 of space with our plugins at the Akeneo Marketplace. Akeneo has listed most eCommerce plugins as featured products. 

Due to a variety of plugins for different eCommerce frameworks, ERP systems, CMS, and Cloud Storage systems, we are a well-known service provider in the Akeneo Community. 

We can provide end-to-end support for Akeneo in customization, plugin development, and API Improvement.


We’re already seeing much better velocity and better knowledge and experience than we’ve had with other developers.

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How much does Akeneo cost?

Akeneo offers three editions with varying pricing. The Community edition is free, the Growth edition starts at $25k annually, and the Enterprise edition is quote-based.

Can we customize the Akeneo platform?

Yes, Akeneo is fully open source and allows developers to customize the code as per the business need.

What is PIM used for?

The Product Information Management (PIM) solution is used to centralize all the product data, to enrich, translate and prepare it for exports to multiple channels – online store, mobile app, print catalog, and point of sale.

What is Akeneo Serenity edition?

Akeneo Serenity provides exclusive access to Akeneo PIM’s latest features and improvements. It is available for Enterprise and Growth clients only.

Why use Akeneo PIM?

Akeneo PIM helps businesses to keep product data accurate and organized. It is built to handle tons of information — product descriptions, technical data, regulatory data, images, and other attributes. Even with hundreds of thousands of products and multiple distribution channels, Akeneo can handle it all.


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