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We build trust with clients and help them create their multivendor eStore development as per their requirements. Also, provide other top-notch app development services for Wix.

Why Wix For An Online eCommerce Store?

Wix is the topmost website design and development platform that has designed templates and SEO marketing tools of advanced level. You can design a good web experience for clients using Wix and Editor X.

Build an SEO-friendly website that is fast, secure, and ready for business. It also provides a lot of benefits such as irresistible infrastructure, advanced functionalities, scalability, built-in marketing, custom domain and logo, AI technology, and many more.

Significant Advantages Of Using Wix



Accessible for everyone by providing built-in accessibility tools.

Quick loading

Performance website loading is performed at a lightning-fast speed.

Security at an enterprise level

It provides security to visitors’ data at every level.


Whether there is high traffic or not it provides great uptime in multi-cloud hosting.

Analytics and insights

Track your website’s performance and make data-driven decisions.

Extensive app market

A variety of third-party apps can be integrated into your website to add additional features and functionality.

How can Webkul help?

Webkul has launched an application Multivendor Marketplace for Wix that you can use to create your own marketplace on Wix. We also provide customizations and create on-demand app development for Wix as per your business requirements. 

Things in which we can help you better:

  • In scaling up your business.
  • Customize the application as per your requirements.
  • Providing a skilled and hard-working team.
  • Marketplace to work on.
  • Customized services and solutions.
  • Provides the best customer service.

Multivendor Marketplace For Wix

The Multivendor Marketplace for Wix is an application that helps you to convert your WIX online store into a multivendor marketplace, and also helps you to grow your business.

This is one of the best applications for those who want to convert their store into a multivendor marketplace. Any store owner can easily convert their online store into a marketplace. Along with the store owner; other sellers can also sell their products by associating themselves with the marketplace.

What Store Owner Will Get?

The admin has the option to create seller plans that must be selected by the sellers at the time of registration. When the vendors did the registration then the admin has to approve it so that they can begin selling their goods after a successful registration.

Features of Store Admin’s side:

  • The store owner can add the unlimited seller.
  • Access everything in a single dashboard.
  • Automatic seller payout option.
  • An accounting option is also available.
  • The store admin can add unlimited products to the marketplace.

What Seller Will Get?

The seller has to register themselves in the multivendor marketplace for Wix. After that, when they got the approval then they can log in and add the number of products as per their selected plan. The vendors can begin selling their goods after a successful registration.

Features of Seller’s side:

  • The seller can register themselves in a marketplace
  • Dashboard to view everything in one place.
  • Automatic seller payout option.
  • An accounting option is also available.
  • Products can be added by sellers as per their plans.

We Are Known For Our Best Development And Support Services

Our team is providing great end-to-end solutions to clients regarding app development service for Wix which helps them in business growth. The team is experienced and knows how to handle your queries. The team is providing the best customization solutions as per the requirements. 

The user also gets support from installing the application till the execution and afterward. The user guides for the applications are also available so that you won’t face any issues. Still, if you have any problem then write us at [email protected]


The most important thing to mention is the customer service. It is late at night but webkul came live online with me and walked me through everything. It was amazing. Also, they take ideas of customers and actually try to add them into future updates.
The App is so great and the customer service is BEST EVER!

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Candy Alexander


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